Unplanted roots

I dug a plant up with a  spade,

I made a hole, I marked a  grave.

The plant though whole is now forlorn.

It’s lost it’s place beneath the sun!

When planted deep – I saw its leaf.

A perfect form all green and bright.

I dug it up, and saw it’s source

Its roots where white yet bathed in dirt.

I sensed perfection of design.

I stood amazed – all parts complete!

I then had insight from Spirit’s brush,

the plant though whole was on death row!

We all have context, mark our space.

We sense our individual parts intact.

Yet still we wander dying dry,

not grasping that, my roots need place.

When I depend on life that flows,

from  sources deep yet veiled, unseen,

I draw my life up deep within

then bless with fruit, as I laugh and grin.

Author – Bill Tidsbury


Chains and freedom

I have a name,

it once was loved by friends and all.

Last night I slept under the stars.

I sprawled in dirt; my brain was far.

So many passed by me and scoffed.

They see a drunk – and that, unloved!


I have a name,

I still remember! I love to speak to those who know!

Today, I wished I could be elsewhere,

With family, love – those once held dear.

I needed someone  to say I mattered,

to say I’m longed for -still beloved!


I have a name,

no longer held to – I have believed that man has died.

In death, I will remember I still was living,

with ones who could have helped me live.

I need you now to please remember,

I’m still a slave – trapped in a grave. 


I have a name,

I can not see it – its buried deep inside a tomb.

They say that name can still be resurrected,

because this one believes in me.

I’m blind! Will you who see, draw Him to me?

If you believe – can He free me?

Author – Bill Tidsbury

Play come calling

Play – comes calling, tickling hearts.

The joy that bubbles seems so free.

It leaps upon you like a fountain

spraying incandescence far and wide.

Then there’s quiet moment’s eddy,

full of pleasure warm and kind,

contemplating what will next be,

as sweet imagination’s glory shines.

Soon some lightening flashes forward,

action figures spring to life.

Heroes rise and then they splatter

in the shadows of adult life.

Grief contends with evil’s power,

twisting pain and bringing fear,

’til the gallant rise victorious,

in the war to end all strife.

Play is simply destiny calling!

It empowers hope to thrive.

When you see a child not playing,

something deep within has died.

So one role in life’s adventure,

is to stimulate more play!

When we live in child’s blessing,

we breathe life into each day.

Author – Bill Tidsbury

i go

When i go

beyond words

to give voice to the awe,

there’s a place that exists that enfolds an abyss.

It’s always not far,


flees from my grasp, ’til finally i know that i’ve stepped through a door.

The mind is expansive yet limited still. It simply can’t  frame things that grasp outer stars.


as i experience the surge and the bloom, i find themes unfolding as beauty sings parts.

The moment’s explosive,

and everything’s still,

while merely by breathing

i twist in my will.

Open is crazy and safe is behind, as i meld with One who’s made beauty defined.

There are 

simply          no          words,

and boxes are gone,


finite is bound between sense and the mind.

Stepping beyond

is so easy

and real

when Spirit’s set free in a heart that’s not steel.

Author – Bill Tidsbury


Oh so free

Small parrots, loud parrots, flocking declare-

“we are the owners of all that is air!”

If life could be measured only by sound,

then surely their claim

would be their’s all year round!


Small lizards, fast lizards sitting in sun.

lying in pleasure  except when they run!

If life’s delight could tolerate heat,

then all of my memories

could be sampled still sweet!


Small child, bright child, swings unaware,

Singing so blissful without any care.

If all of my focus can dance oh so free,

then sparkles aplenty

will caress those like me!

Author – Bill Tidsbury