Colours of New Life

Colours filled with Life come dancing through a broken world. Life comes laughing, bringing winds of change. Joy’s birth is never a secret!! Fire’s breath leaps across the ages and plants a kiss of greeting on tender hearts weeping.

Longing and sorrow meets the song of the Healer.

Ragged tangles shift as Life reaches deep. Eyes, so long closed in hopelessness, open with a stirring of childlike belief! Hope has come and named a desolation as “Beautiful”. Wonder is birthed by Joy and a deep fountain is broken open by the heart of Life. Blood flows in for the first time. Blood bears grace to a dusty, thirsty being. Soul takes on the substance of Heaven and becomes a living being.

Responses never felt before flow to give context to language never written in dungeons!

Soaring is the response to one given wings!

Leaping is natural to one set free. Freedom unchained can never know emptiness again. Life tasted radicaly alters DNA! Life comes in as an explosion from another reality.Shadows cannot compete with the tangible substance of vitality.

Mystery is embodied and the vastness of eternity arrests the desolation of death with immortality. Changeless, vital holiness forever anchored in fragile human flesh. Entwined with the One, meaning has Life; Purpose has focus: I AM has become substance -Eye to eye! Face to face!

Forever is now found in intimacy and so the Lover’s wooing whisper echoes out to all:

I’ve known you!

I’ve wanted you!

I’ve planned for you!

I wait for you with eagerness and joy!