Eyes and Seeing

When we live with our life focused on words, we can so easily disengage our eyes from seeing life. Words call our eyes to look at people’s mouths  – such a marvellous focus when you consider it!

I am learning to say less and look into people’s eyes. To begin the sharing of a journey, not with words but with open eyes. You don’t need words to understand a life. The story and presence of their being is captured in moment when we open up our soul to look in the window of someone’s eyes. The beauty and grace found in the eyes can be quite astonishing, in fact priceless!  On the other hand, it can also open my world to shock and pain as I look into eyes that know fear, sorrow, hurt, aloneness and tragedy.

The grace I find in living transparently is that even this pain will often turn into beauty as the eyes I look into respond in startled wonder at being seen. There is usually an immediate softening arising from the irrepressibility of hope, that is imprisoned within every heart. The hope that longs for a different world, one not so cruel and damning. That small light is worth a thousand words!

Living beyond words, is not living beyond communication and intimacy. It is just living differently!