Why – the hard question


This powerful question stirs our heart in any tragedy.

Equally, we also have come to accept that there are no answers to these deep “WHYs”. The wave of pain and dislocation rolls over us and draws an instinctive gasp from our hearts. We reach, in blindness, and yet, in deep need, and …. grasp nothing.

So often, we then descend into the blankness of meaninglessness. We exist and we allow the wave to pass and struggle to find the pieces, hoping that the next wave misses us.

In contrast to this, we have all learned the crucial significance of “why”, in any relational encounter. When I don’t understand a loved ones “why”, I miss so much beauty, romance and life. Romance dies in a marriage when the “why” no longer draws our heart to explore the mystery of this other cherished being.

“Why’s” can tantalize. They also reveal deep wounded motivations. “Why’s” bring illumination and then compassion. To know a heart’s journey and pain, open’s an exclamation of comprehension. This is a visceral knowing that explains something much better than words ever could. Our hearts can unite together in a shifted understanding of action and meaning.

We are designed by God to ask “why”. It is his heart’s expression of love that frames a world in mystery. It is love that tantalizes us with unseen implications. In our personal journey, we each know that our own love is always responsive to another love’s pursuit. However, love  quickly curls up under the inquisitor’s glare.  Those demanding “why’s” only elicit our silence.

Could it be that I have approached my tragic exclamations from an instinctive assumption that the originator is to be feared. Fear quickly migrates to anger and violent inquisitions. The tender hearted response of a lover’s “why” is difficult to frame when we are inundated with pain. It is only when I believe my lover is fanatically  engaged in a wild pursuit of my affections that I can cry out – even in pain, to seek my heart’s desire in my Saviour’s gentle presence. “Why’s”, open mystery’s explanation and escort us into the Father’s heart. He longs to share His motivations with lovers who hope in his goodness.