Sliding into your eyes

Taken up with the One, I am tantalized by beauty. My soul crosses the boundary between you and me. I see in your eyes the wonder of how you see Him. I thirst to know, and a hunger dances with my excitement, as together we find we hold dazzling elements of each other’s pursuit to captivating Love.

Wonder rides in the back seat as dancing sweeps us across a boundary locked in time and opens a journey that on my own I could never have launched. I explore mysteries that whisper  to my spirit, as my mind, locked in a word bound universe, grapples to comprehend what only grace can interpret as I slide into your eyes. Imagination leaps, but can not reach, what you you so easily offer in the laughter of your mirth.

Union and communion opens majestic symphonies that swirl into cathedral ceilings when passionate lovers join the music. Colour’s interplay accentuates the solitary contributions that harmonize when shared within intimacy’s embrace. Together, I join with you and wonder with the many. I discover that that which is me, is only me, when I am released as an us, that encompasses the blessing of unity known only by Deity.