I find that in my own life I often confuse need, and even more, desperate need with faith.

Deep need is a powerful driving force in life. It creates desperation and a willingness to go to great lengths to lay hold of someone or something to make them see that I need (…. you can fill in the blank!) for survival, for hope, for grace. Need is most clearly seen when people mob a rescuing helicopter clamouring to be noticed above all the other needy victims. They clamour to be noticed so their need can be known. The cry of need is – notice me!!

Faith is different, in that it rests in the reality of goodness and of the security of provision. It rests, not having received but knowing – not just hoping – that what is needed is coming. It rests in knowing there is enough and I will receive. The disaster food distribution line is a representation of faith. People line up because they know they have been noticed and that provision has been made. They line up not to be noticed but to open their hands to receive. (While there can be struggle in these lines – it is about how long I have to wait rather than whether or not I will I be noticed.)

In my life journey – on behalf of myself and others, I often find I am seeking to be noticed by my Daddy God rather than resting in His amazing commitment to provide and stepping in to Him with open hands knowing I will receive what is promised.

My heart knows the difference – I like my relationships when there is faith. Receiving flows in the quietness and deep knowing that flows from confident trust.