Song of my Love

I lift my eyes and I am undone by eyes that meet my gaze. These eyes are deep and flashing pools of fiery life, enticing me, drawing me, opening my desire to the wings of love. And so, I rise, quite unprepared for glory, given in a broken world. I’m made of dust, but fire has burned a golden beauty deep within my being. An echo shouts, that roars up through the untold billion stars; my Jesus, Saviour, Lover, Friend has borne a laughter deep within this hungry, love starved soul.

And so I rise, this blazing life that calls me up and lifts me out of dust, this passion stirring something deep within, that knows it’s found a joy that has no equal anywhere. Behold, wings, on one who’s never flown. Listen, liquid music flowing out in waves of glorious majesty, pouring forth from lips that have no sense of harmony. Perfection realized in a heart of clay, all to please this one great heart, whose desire found is life’s greatest treasure.

Awe overwhelms a trembling soul. Grandeur in vistas, that tears apart the straining threads of reality’s finite possibilities.  Caught in the moment, I’m held firm by gentleness that whispers sweet acceptance to my uncomprehending groans. Released to be at peace, within the blessing of my lover’s heart, I see what no eye untouched by love’s life can see – eternity.