Whom have I?

In a world that is dark and broken, and anguish grips the heart, how can I not find your bleeding heart next to mine?

In a place where people’s eyes scream horror and turmoil, how can I not but run to you to take the pain and grieve with me?

In a time when Satan’s roar reverberates across a broken sphere is there not something within me that releases the roar of triumph that echoed from a hill so long ago?

In a hand holding shattered shards,is there not the hand of You pouring out healing grace in time to a tune never heard in peace?

In the striking fist and the hate filled eye, is there not the grace to suffer with you, the one who hung upon a cross for me?

When worlds hang in balance and certainty seems to have fled, is that not when your foundations come alive and gift the soul of man with reason to believe?

When I begin to run and find the wind is carrying me along, is that not when I begin to learn that I was born to soar with you above the earth?

When I’m alone and have left all behind, then alone do I find that I have none but you and in finding you I’ve found my deepest dreams made live.



In a world where life is beautiful and the colours paint the day, how can I not find that which reminds me of you?

In a place where people’s eyes shine bright with hope, where can I go without being astounded by your heart?

In a time when heaven’s voice is heard and change’s momentum offers expectancy filled with wonder, are you not there dancing lightly?

In a hand held grasping grace, tears filling eyes seeking solace, is not your presence filling the aching void?

In a tender touch, the fleeting smile of one well known, is not your present intention found embracing peace?

When rivers meet and waters splash, am I not then feeling freshness soaking my inner being’s needed watering?

When Spirit’s fire settles gently on the wondering soul of a man found, have I not met you in the gentleness of wisdom?

When I am alive and you are here, how can I not but know that what I’ve found is better than life?

When you entwine my being and wrap your eternity deep into the folds of my spirit’s song, the resulting kaleidoscope opens my identity and I know, I just know, and am known.