Questions on Being

Beautiful eyes, looking hopeful; What can you give me that I can afford?

Weak smile, feeling nervous; Why do I fear you will ask for what I cannot give?

Strong hands, gripped tightly; Why does my rage rear voiceless in the roar of my hatred?

Arched back, now flattened; How does what is strong grow so weak when threat strides?


Eyes twinkling, tears splashing; How can laughter ring true in the storm?

Mouth open, saliva running; Why does rich spicing so draw anticipation’s reward?

Clapping hands; lifted high; Why does heart song exuberance give sound like the rain?

Torso spinning, now released; What can momentum flying say with such grace?


Eyes speaking, forceful sound; What will I do to hear?

Lips parted, creating vision; Why will I not see rawness beautified?

Fingers pointing, describing power; Why will I not smother power’s vice with love?

Core strength, opening vulnerability; How will I choose transparency’s hope to become?

Author – Bill Tidsbury