Caught between

Living here within the frame, slowly turning, tossing in the wind; something calls and pleads within a soul that hungers for the brush of life. Restless love seeks someone to know; breathless yearning, seeking beauty – interlaced intimacy. Faded words so quickly  betray realities; aching voids missing each other in the dance of life.

Yet hope lives on.

What stirs the heart to hope? – the brush of wings, the kiss of fragrance calls the knowing heart. Eager startle opens eyes to see; playful whispers, promise joy in laughter and childlike wonder. Impossible light plays prism’s colours; wistful tendrils lighten life, heart leaps high to catch the fireflies glow.

So love lives on.

Yet here, my feet still planted; distant flickers are the only taste of that which I’m created for. Open hearts share the anguish; eyes that open to the other, with fragrant soul exposed in grace. Lost in wonder, still as death; living in the knowing, today may be the twist that cracks my heart’s release.

Caught between.

Author – Bill Tidsbury