Failure isn’t real

I like this because going Beyond words – means we don’t accept definitions that kill and destroy instead of breathing life!!

Daughter Becomes Mother

What is failure? To me it is the monster that has been whispered in my ear my whole life. Well. I’m ready to fight it now.

Failure is a joke. Its a word that people throw around so easily. But I dont think the world knows the damage that word does. Being a “failure”, unless you have been tagged that, you have no clue what that means. To be a failure means that anything and everything you do is wrong. That anything you try wont succeed. That your dreams and aspirations are a joke, or as real as the tooth-fairy. But in reality, failure isn’t real.

Being told your whole life that you cant or wont be able to do something it hard. Been there. Being told that you’re stupid and cant do something is impossible. Been there. Trying over and over again to do something that is “easy” is…

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