You come so gently, so imperceptibly that I sink into your grace and comfort as if it were my  own!

You are so vast and impossibly expansive that senses reel and foundations tremble with the extravagance that stretches all known boundaries beyond their capacity to exist!

You are so full of colour, you inundate definitions and transform colour into Life – explosive, impossible and glorious!

You are so tender that the moments I spend with you take on silky whispers and caress my being with finger brushes of grace that releases beauty in the deepest recesses of my most intimate sanctuaries.


You are Love – expressed, painted, danced, lived, possessed! You are touch; You are breath; You are Life – my beauty, my Hope.

You are within all things I see, your song is sung in counter point to every note released through out the universe, through all parts of heaven, through every wandering dream.

You are substance, you are mystery! You are the flow in time, the encounters of each moment. You are the secret of being known, the point of contact between eyes at every glance.


You are!

You hold, you laugh, you cry, you think, you feel! You are being and imagination!

You are rest at its point of deepest quiet and and its point of highest exaltation.

You are power, resurrection, redemption and revolution! You cause firm things to tremble and cause delicate things to be supported to impossible heights.


You are!

And I am in you – planted, established, vital, pure and still.

I can be with no other – I am lost in you!