Beyond Words

As children of the one who is ultimately beautiful, it is inherent that we should thirst and long to be touched, embraced, and transformed by beauty. There is an innate sense in every human heart that triggers a cascade of reaction – a kaleidoscope of thought, emotions, and physiological readiness.

It prepares us to catch a moment of eternity.

We still ourselves in the transient moment – it is passing by.

We intuitively apprehend that the infinity of the moment will be lost to memory – our memories are too fragile! We are left with the reverberations of another world. The world of spirit.

So we long  – at times not even carrying with us the awareness of what we yearn for. We respond to the yearning, we fill it with passions and experiences. Still within -in our internal register, there is disappointment. As the edge of the day wears off, the knowledge lies within that something vibrates in a different place – longing to be awoken.

To enter into the presence of the Lover, who is the beautiful one, catapults our small hearts into the expansiveness of revelation. A gift – of the Lover to His beloved. To be captured by this beauty takes us beyond words. There are no words that can frame the exquisite stretch into awe struck wonder. There is a song, a theme that wells within our spirit that is a counterpoint to this breathless grace. To fall into the eyes of the Eternal One, is to be known – completely, passionately – and then to be scattered to the 4 winds!!


I am whole, gently held together from outside myself.

I am given the eyes to see that which is unseen,

to grasp the unknowable,

to   lay hold of Life

to join in beauty and weep

because there are no words!!

Author – Bill Tidsbury