Heart of Darkness

There is a deep seated urge within the heart of darkness to reach out and envelope that which is light. The instinct is deep, the intent certain; it must infect light’s vibrant incandescence. Darkness always faces light. It has no other focus. It’s destiny is always forged in absence, it’s future embedded in light’s delight. Darkness owns unholy hunger- a desperate need to fill the spaces left when light’s glory is turned away. This resulting desperate searching, to encompass vacuum caverns where joy and peace once kissed, can only end in desperate raging, an empty gesture in a lifeless world.

Know this, the heart of darkness has no substance, it has no permission to be free. It’s uncertain agony always cries for light, for resolution. So, those of light who walk in darkness, share unknowing beads of hope, easing pain, as balm’s anointing fills the spaces crying out for light. There’s no inherent meaning in the dark’s quest for light. The instinctual anger just lashes out at light. It’s a reflex without power that tangles dark and light, transforming darkened hunger with gentle love’s delight.

Author – Bill Tidsbury