Meeting You

When rivers run together,
Moments mixing in a swirling tempest,
Some eyes, piercing hard,
while others weep and plead.
The bustle of a city square,
The quiet of a lonely corner,
All tangle with the vibrancy of need
and dance beside the laughing child.

The square is green and beautiful,
the atmosphere so cool and fresh,
and underneath its spreading arms,
lie the vulnerable, selling water for a song.
The raucous call of the bird above,
blends with the cry of vendor’s needs.
Harsh despair awakens with footstep’s patter,
hope is hard to save when spent in poverty.

When rivers run together,
encounters frame meaning that’s sublime.
Eyes that meet and speak in silence,
spark dancing possibility, ethereally in sway.
Hearts leaping,exuberance in flight;
Smiles captivating hope’s elusive breath;
Sweetness whispering at warmth’s embrace;
It’s joy’s promise surreptitiously shattering chains!

When rivers run together, bring hope.
When rivers run together, touch loneliness.
When rivers run together, breathe possibility.
When rivers run together life begins again.

Breathe and look into someone’s eyes!

Author – Bill Tidsbury