More and the one

I am increasingly sensitive to the tension between culture shift and touching one vulnerable soul. The ocean of humanity is vast. As I wander the streets of poverty and divergent need, I see the vastness of the human symphony. The song of our humanity has many themes. There are clear sweeps of triumph and synchronicity. Yet the vastness of the music is also tattered by the tread of violent acquisition. The wonder of the song so quickly mixes with the anguish of despair. The nobility of purpose seems cornered by the jeering harshness of the greedy.

Life gets complicated!!

The vastness of the score being played seems majestic until you see that many of the individual notes are being lost even as they are played. Small children contribute to the movement of majesty, but so frequently pay for it with their lives and destiny. Men who have wrapped their fingers into power, seem to effortlessly sweep up into heights, of luxury and ease. All the while, their dirty feet, in the dust below, is wringing blood from poverty’s veins.

Justice somehow needs to reign!

And so I wander, stepping through the dust. I wonder, how do I play my part in poverty’s terrible song? And so I wander, seeking to be the hand that reaches out to touch the trampled heart so out of step with egalitarian hopes. And so I wonder, how does one soul affect the culture shift that has grown to be world wide in scope? And so I wander, lifted by the gracious electricity I feel each time I look into someone’s heart sorrow and see the flare of hope ignite again. And so I wonder, How do I join a song that is already written and yet harmonize a melody that yearns so much to be sung?

Beauty’s eyes are redemptive!

Author – Bill Tidsbury

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