Settled in the Quiet

Quietness settles deep, within a sparkling pool.

It’s substance smooth as silk, swaying in a breeze.

Colours coalesce and gently rise,

evoking harmonies in hidden dreams of night.

Holding hands with destiny is rushing wild,

when stillness anchors hope within my heart.


The vastness of a peace that breathes;

the gentleness of a caress that knows;

the power of a kiss that lives;

All weave seamless tapestries of light.

This light which has no sway,

is always and forever source and presence found.


Alive to know, in being found,

I rise again from depths of crystal clarity.

Twinkling in an effervescent rest,

I return to busyness and strife.

No longer churning, gently living,

I gift with peace the darkening plain through light.

Author – Bill Tidsbury