Mysterious moments

When I feel tranquility deep inside my soul, when I feel your peace filling every hole, I then find songs arising deep within that opens space within which you dwell. I actually do not know or understand why when I seek the solace of open space, I find a grace that seeps within and brings delight to a part of me that greets eternity. I do know that I will give everything and all I have each day to just have space where I find that you suddenly appear and I’m made whole.

The mystery is greater than I will ever know, how it is that you come in and surprise my soul. My spirit rises up with eager delight, when I sense that moment when your “suddenly” breaks in. I never know what scene or dream will create that perfect “moment” when you drop in. I find encounters so expansive, as they move me through to places that shake my perceptions. I hunger for encounters, I thirst for your face, I know that without them, I will never live outside my soul.

My spirit knows its calling, it is great and full of fire. I yearn for these encounters that release things hotter than fire. I truly seek a passion, one I can not comprehend, one that burns with furious glory in the openness of your eyes. To be known for who I am, to be called a beauty born, to be given the feeling deeply, that no eye but mine is thine.There is a knowing that comes in silence, a knowing that arises in peace, when my heart and soul are twined with the Oneness of your infinite Love. To stand forever naked, unashamed and yet so free, to be found, amidst the longing of a heart forever sealed in thee.

Jesus you really are more than life, your name is so achingly true. Your gentle whisper grips my heart and stirs up realities I just never knew existed. Before you, when I stand, I feel the need to bend so low, but when I am laid so low, I find a depth in me that soars to heights that exceed dimensions and I find stillness face to face in your embrace. Jesus, you truly are man’s desire, Jesus, you are more than breath to me. You define me, you entwine me, and you’ve opened the way to Papa, who created me for fire. He has named me. He has called me. He has poured out of His Spirit.  Now, the wonder that I am perfect as in worship I’m enthralled. Surprised! – I am sealed by grace alone! I have everything to live for. So the joy, in these my waking moments, to leap up into the honour, to be part of shifting hearts, shifting gazes to your throne alone. All this, so that you may realize, the aching desire for which your heart so deeply longs.

Author – Bill Tidsbury