Passionate abandonment

I am a God of passion.

To know me, is to be touched by fire.

Love is incandescence!

My glory blazes in blinding light.

I cannot be forced to share my glory with any other.

But you — I have loved and drawn to me.


I am a God of joy – it was for the joy set before me that I pursued you to the death.

It is my joy to share my glory with the one that willingly draws near to my heart.

To know my glory is to know my passions.

To know my passions is to be lifted high in glorious joy — and also to be torn asunder!


Ahh!! God. Who can have the courage to pursue you to the death??


Those who have given themselves over to the passionate abandonment of love!


Abandonment to love is not a dance of words.

It is to have your very life pressed out of you into my broken world – into the lives of the hearts I long to know. It is choosing to see, then share in the tragedy, sorrow and devastation that flows in the wake of injustice.

I yearn  – oh that my lovers would act to reveal the vastness of my heart through your blood, sweat and tears. Will you stand in between?

Love  the hurting with a passion – it’s how I live.

Love messy hearts with a passion it’s how you share my joy!

Author – Bill Tidsbury