Living, Changing, Dancing

A life lived in partnership with God is inextricably linked to change, to transformation. Faith is a journey into the unknown. It is ultimately a life lived curiously. Faith’s invitation is to explore an ever expanding landscape, that requires us to deepen our commitment to the unknown as we proceed. The deeper we walk into the reality of God, the more essential and intimate are  the aspects of our lives that are the focus of transfiguration. Thus, faith calls for an ever increasing commitment to the unknown realities of a being deeply other than ourselves through a journey of risk and trust. Life on this journey does not get easier. The adventure only deepens. Life is truly lived on the edge and live is alive!

We all know and accept that every positive, hope based desire envisions a future different than the one we are currently seeing unroll before ourselves. Whether it is the heart stopping love of a passionate lover or the years long pursuit of excellence on a musical instrument, the desire creates change even as it is being achieved. Once achieved, we recognize that it becomes the doorway for our static lives to move forward into a dance of transformation. Glory comes only to those willing to relinquish their grasp on their past and present in exchange for an unknown.

For the vast majority of us, we embrace change reluctantly. At some point we invariably reach a sticking point. The intimacy and vulnerability that comes from embracing change in our core becomes too much. We opt for static safety and begin dying.

And yet, at the edge of our life, through the windows, is a hand inviting us into the extravagant, riotous colour of an adventurous life. This journey is a kaleidoscope – the fractal of life.

Comfort, on the other hand, is a notoriously soporific poison. Once embraced, time is lost, and passive substitutes for life must be sought. The exhaustion of this deadly journey, only invites us to more substitutes until we lose all sense of vitality. Life is too vital to waste so I ask: Are you still dancing with your God given dreams? Is your glory expanding the unconventionality of your life?

I pray so. The invitation to dance always stands. It just requires change!!

Author – Bill Tidsbury