Perspective shift

In our journey we sometimes get those moments of sudden shift and see differently. Last night I was looking up at the stars in the southern hemisphere and was shocked to find  that they were upside down!  I am now on the opposite side of the world that I am used to being in. Everything is the same as before – land is down east and west is still there, but when I am oriented to the sun it rises on the right instead of the left! When I look at Orion – it is upside down! All I did was take a journey and my perspective shifted. What would have been impossible and totally unnatural in Canada – walking around upside down on my hands to see the world differently – is now part of my everyday life. 

So to with our journey in life. As we journey, we at times find ourselves having shifted so as to see the normal and familiar – in a radically new way. Our journey has taken us to another hemisphere. Our natural world seems the same – and yet because of shift we now are oriented upside down to what we had experienced before –  it is hard to fathom when you haven’t seen the night sky – “wrong” but when you do it opens your heart to live life better! It is a positive step in our life journey , when we find familiar things seen with new eyes. It is a new phase of life and everything is possible – yet at the same time not being out of sync with true life.

Author – Bill Tidsbury