Children in joy

Children of joy, rising high into freedom

Laughter’s creative shout opening life.

Blessing with heritage, centred in love,

Imagination’s firefly’s soaring flight.


Daughters with hope, leaping high in affirmation

Nothing’s impossible now with my song.

Finding these eyes, that twinkle in memory,

Heritage joining hands, setting me free!


Sons with great strength, so valiant in purpose

Rescuing the needy ,who’re desperate for knights.

Eyes fierce with danger, sword drawn in splendour

Play’s purpose calling Life’s light to defend.


Places that form you, grief that is borne,

Changes and moulds tender hearts that do mourn.

Hope’s inspiration in child’s abandon,

Lifts destiny’s clarion and breathes life into song.


Together with children we breathe in our joy,

Mercy is calling and painting new doors.

Invited to join in with others who wonder,

It’s time to two step life’s bubbling jig!

Author – Bill Tidsbury