Life and light through a keyhole

Your call is so incessant – your cries seem to shake the very foundations of the earth. Yet, Life in humanity’s hectic sea seems to plunge on heedlessly with little apparent regard for the echoes that resound.

What causes the deafness to your voice? Why do we seem to find it so easy to crash through the invitations of your love, to carry on with our hopeless distractions?

It is like the tossing waves of the sea. They are incessant and crash restlessly against the rock, simply to surge back again and again. Repetition that is noisy and predictable.

What creates a pause in people’s lives to let in the sound of heaven?

What can stop the fear long enough for the grace of peace to open a door to a new reality?

People hurt and people hide. It is the norm of life.

People peek out, rarely feeling safe, hoping for a breath of something with life. Caution is the watch word of one who is broken. Walls are the offering of choice to dangerous strangers – and most  are dangerous strangers – even many who we are familiar with.

So grace stands alone with out stretched arms and solitary silent cries lie hidden in the recesses of caves – wishing for an encounter that would breathe vitality.

Daddy God, so many of your children live with light streaming in through the keyhole of a door that has been given us in you, Jesus. We delight ourselves with that glorious light that is streaming into our darkness through the marvellous keyhole. We fail to realize that the keyhole is intended to accept a key to throw open the door that the Prince of Life might come in and give full illumination. But that would shake our world and expectations too much.

And Love does not cross boundaries! Love yearns and offers Hope and Life. Love wills that some response, somewhere, would activate a flood. And so Love waits. Love waits for the one to respond. Love lovingly looks for the glimmers and stirrings of curiosity that will stir the frightened child out of their cave to seek the wonder of Heaven – today.

I want to live fully alive. I want to glow with light transcendent. I am committed to walking out of the cell and racing into the light of your presence – today – here and now. I really can’t countenance not living alive. If I can’t be fully alive right in the midst of my now, then I must run somewhere, with someone until somehow I can not stop glowing! Life is too precious  to be wasted gathering encumbrances. We each have our weaknesses that draw us down into mediocrity. The tantalizing prospect of something better – tomorrow. Not NOW.

And so Life calls – and so few answer – waiting for a better offer that will never come.

Author – Bill Tidsbury