When things explode, the world suddenly loses its consistency. Relationships get fractured. Things get tested and hearts get revealed. Assumptions are frequently proven faulty. Realities can be a little sobering. Relationships are amazingly tenuous and fragile, even ephemeral!

When things unwind, things that are solid remain. As much as I would prefer to keep the comfort of my desired perceptions, there is grace in being stripped down to the essentials.

I do know that I have set myself a direction of seeking the Lord’s face no matter the cost. The journey of passion invites me to live “out loud”. It asks me to live outside of my management.

Sometimes, the journey seems dis-jointed and unclear in terms of cause and effect. One thing I do know, is that Jesus Christ comes closest when we are most vulnerable. It is when I am vulnerable that I most have the opportunity to choose transparency so that I may learn to trust in His grace, not my strength. Life in the face of God is good, but full of a brokenness, that if permitted, can bring glorious revelation. What price am I willing to pay?

Author – Bill Tidsbury