Shiver suddenly

Choices that frame decisions;

Possibilities buried in time,

Life events that unfold meaning,

Hope’s desires that suddenly rise.

When we are open and seeking your wisdom,

When the light shines full on our face,

Then we quietly settle in knowing ,

The wonder and presence of infinite grace.


Often I wonder seeking solutions,

glimpses of things only you alone know,

I ponder and wrestle with finite confusions,

While echoes of mystery stir at my soul.

It is then in the quiet that whispers overtake me

I suddenly shiver and instantly know —

Things vast beyond measure now comfort my soul.


Why then is mystery so inarticulate and aching,

Why then does silence so trouble my soul?

Why does the conflict of longing and yearning,

stir tumult and searchings inside of my dreams?

I’m needing a grasp of your presence and glory,

I’m unwilling to stay anywhere without more,

I’m willing to wander in search of a blessing

That only comes when you rip open the floor.


So yearning meets promise and laughter’s the child,

The intimacy flows from a peace that is real.

I covet those moments when life lines are shorn

Of all the veneers and the trappings of form.

I know that I journey in tandem with you Lord,

The path way is clearer than I care to believe

A moment is coming when instant is famous,

Where substance and life will no longer be bored!

Author – Bill Tidsbury