When Foundations shake

I have noted a curiosity,  frequently, what I say I desire as God’s child, actually involves moments that bring me to the brink of terror. I can not go anywhere in the realm of the Spirit, if I am unwilling to let go of the shores of my known reality and be cast adrift in the ocean of your uncertainty.

Your uncertainty only appears to be something that shifts because it is cast against  the reality of your amazing grandeur. As I step into the unshakeable realities that frame your Life and substance, I find that I have stepped out of my own skin, and, for the first time see with insight and depth. My world had appeared so colourful previously. Now, it suddenly shifts and is written into the background of shadows and the immense possibilities that had only been hinted at in my dreams. Who I am meant to be, takes on a vitality and lightening like advancement that can quickly overwhelm my senses. My confusion can quickly cause me to stumble and collapse with a dis-orienting loss of balance. The familiar has been superseded by an astounding array of infinite potential and delight. Every where I look, opens a cascade, a kaleidoscope of ever increasing glory that astounds me with who I know I am meant to be. The shock is that I had believed I would forever be estranged from any hint of this heart enhancing reality. I see the beauty of the creator, the wonder of Jesus reflected in my very own destiny and future.

I have a moment of radical encounter.

Can I draw this immensity into my conscious normalcy of everyday dialogue within myself? Can I allow a depth of Hope, never before breathed on, emerge out of the shores of mystery? Can I risk the dissolution of myself as I have so comfortably known? Can I aspire to be more than I have hoped for? Can I believe and live with the shaking of my reality?

I must step in or violently withdraw.

Author – Bill Tidsbury