My Street

My street is interesting, in fact rather unique! It looks to the eye like it needs a large tweek. It seems to portend an invite to cars, however they find it shakes up their parts . One thing that surprises whenever it rains, it surges like rivers and crossings are strained. This partly exists as it runs with some force,  filling the lane as its new water course. Oh my , how surprising to go out for a stroll, when water is running and soaking your soles. The rocks they have placed are easy to trip on, but they sure help frame my river’s foundation. I wander along this fair street almost daily. I do have to mind so I stumble most rarely. I’m happy to say it was recently graded, before it was  muddy with canyons  created! So humbly I check, each time I step out, to see if I’ll make it or just wait and pout!

Author – Bill Tidsbury


Dead Tree

Dead tree leaning on a post, once so tall,now bent and grey.

Who would have been thinking, so long ago:

To sense this delight would rest so forlorn?

Then attack and strip green off this frame?

Fence post planted with other designs,

Now stands guard against these eager spores.

Moisture would hasten the end unseen,

but dry wood lasts for all to perceive.

Weathered and broken it stills proclaims,

A life once regal now perched on by birds.

Beauty returns as wind and rain,

sculpt and rename its mark to fame.

Years have withered, wind has stripped,

creating a monument to endurance’s pain.

Hope must have eyes to see something new,

If only we let go of things that we knew.

Time’s ceaseless journey harms certainty’s light.

Still, a dead tree sounds out against broken belief,

“If there is beauty in dead trees now fallen,

Might I live freely, when deadness comes wringing?”

Hope is not reasonable, concise nor aligned,

Yet futures become from seeds that seem dead.

Sprouting’s a process, it never discloses,

This bounty now hidden in tomorrow’s new dream.

Author – Bill Tidsbury

Hope’s Reality


Fiery encounter

Spirit’s descending passion

Lion’s roar transforming sheep

Warrior’s with gentle hearts exulting

Delirious joy of a broken world’s freedom

Healing’s balm restoring hope’s reality to sorrow

Bride’s beauty revealed, hearts joined in wonder

Held in intimacy, breathing  deeply

Eternity’s breathless moment realized

Wonder kissing life

Colours dancing


Author – Bill Tidsbury

Living free

The freedom of unity’s a joy to behold. It flows in a rhythm that echoes and resounds. It hopes for the hopeless and laughs with the merry. It always brings freshness and while cradling what fades.

The prison of uniformity’s ugly and harsh. It frowns on the fringes and quells gentle hearts. It tramples on synergy and slashes heart songs. It longs for the sameness of greys most forlorn.

The community of unity is the spark for our times. It draws us together to dance with our might. It scrambles up mountains and celebrates destiny. Welcoming change as birth’s triumph so stark.

The fortress of uniformity is the gas for our fears. It draws us to battle with those who aren’t near. It challenges difference and flares strong in hatred. It fosters our deadness that chokes out our dreams.

Choices like moments arise in each day. Will I look out or will I look down?

Will I look into eyes and realize the treasure or look at my feet as I trample and rend?

Hope’s call is waiting – we need to unite. Let’s set aside uniformity and live in the light.

Author – Bill Tidsbury

On Soaring Wings

When I fly, I soar above created things in the brilliant glory of who you are.


–  I shake and yet it feels so good!!

I move -Upward into fire.

Your presence surrounds me,

Your lightenings call forth fire.

There is a joy in gracious overflow that sweetness life.

It tantalizes my sense of grace.

It speaks of possibilities beyond my experience.

It speaks of sources that are ever deeper-


Sensing flavours,

elements that become so faint

when separated from their being.

They draw me in – they call!

I step in –

-something is awakening!

It tantalizes me with a thirst for something new,

– more colourful

– more energizing,

-more gracious,

-more intimate.

A zest that will always grow

more —more —More !!

More so marks the realities of the Kingdom of His Spirit!!

When I soar I live,

When I live, I am known!

When I am known I belong.

When I settle into belonging,

I have everything my Daddy God has released.


I’m released! – I’m no longer earth bound. I soar in the presence of forever!

And somehow – all this just makes me smile!!

Author – Bill Tidsbury

Day’s End


Cloud’s parting

Sun’s light fractured

Beauty spilling from heaven

Darkness and storm revealing light

Day’s end heralded by eloquent majesty

Eyes drawn, heart invited to imbibe tranquility

Light’s fleeting moment whispers into silence

Dark’s sombre hues weave twilight

City’s brilliance begins shining

Earthen lights twinkling

Resisting darkness


Author – Bill Tidsbury