Spirit’s call

The Spirit of God moves soundlessly over the verdant mountainside. The breath of God quickens life as it sweeps over tamarack and cedar. It stirs awareness as it brushes by deer and elk and then descends over the city of man.

This city lies securely between the hills, sleepy in its distracted pursuit of life and toil.  Anguish roils the breast of so many. Brutality lurks under the thin veneer of nicety that is ubiquitous in the Canadian heart. These two victims play off each other as the enemy steals life away from small victims and shattered hearts.

There in the darkness, buried deep within aching hearts, lays a treasure sought by the Spirit of healing and love. The Spirit’s call is much more urgent in the city of men. There is a yearning deep in the heart of this lover for the whispered exclamation of discovery from the heart of a torn beauty. The Spirit seeks a voice; not rocks and cedar but something warm blooded and gentle; not the deer in the valley but you and I.

We are the Beloved one’s found ones. We carry His heart’s desire for the wounded. The Spirit prompts and stirs. Surely someone will yield their heart and voice to this crowning moment?

Life expectantly searches you and I, seeking a voice to call forth possibility; a voice to give body to the passion of the Spirit’s call for life- a voice of Life to breathe Hope to the broken and release the prisoner.

We the bride, stir a little wondering – Did I just sense something?? What unusual feeling just tantalized my busy life?

Now is the time.

Will I arise and plunge into this moment? Will I step into the adventure of racing with Life to open possibilities with the one I love? Sweetness that shocks our senses comes when we run together with our Beloved.

Author – Bill Tidsbury