Living free

The freedom of unity’s a joy to behold. It flows in a rhythm that echoes and resounds. It hopes for the hopeless and laughs with the merry. It always brings freshness and while cradling what fades.

The prison of uniformity’s ugly and harsh. It frowns on the fringes and quells gentle hearts. It tramples on synergy and slashes heart songs. It longs for the sameness of greys most forlorn.

The community of unity is the spark for our times. It draws us together to dance with our might. It scrambles up mountains and celebrates destiny. Welcoming change as birth’s triumph so stark.

The fortress of uniformity is the gas for our fears. It draws us to battle with those who aren’t near. It challenges difference and flares strong in hatred. It fosters our deadness that chokes out our dreams.

Choices like moments arise in each day. Will I look out or will I look down?

Will I look into eyes and realize the treasure or look at my feet as I trample and rend?

Hope’s call is waiting – we need to unite. Let’s set aside uniformity and live in the light.

Author – Bill Tidsbury