My Street

My street is interesting, in fact rather unique! It looks to the eye like it needs a large tweek. It seems to portend an invite to cars, however they find it shakes up their parts . One thing that surprises whenever it rains, it surges like rivers and crossings are strained. This partly exists as it runs with some force,  filling the lane as its new water course. Oh my , how surprising to go out for a stroll, when water is running and soaking your soles. The rocks they have placed are easy to trip on, but they sure help frame my river’s foundation. I wander along this fair street almost daily. I do have to mind so I stumble most rarely. I’m happy to say it was recently graded, before it was  muddy with canyons  created! So humbly I check, each time I step out, to see if I’ll make it or just wait and pout!

Author – Bill Tidsbury