A humble heart laid open,

Passion released into being;

Identity expanding into light.


The willing transformed by love

Birthing hearts devoted to worship;

The irresistible flow of fiery grace.


Prisms of iridescent colour,

Rhema words pursued by fire;

Cascading offerings from His heart.


Creative words ricocheting

Blazing trails of glory;

Exploding flames, ministers of light.


The joy of purpose fulfilled,

Immersed within heavenly realities;

Transfiguration is our destiny.

Author – Bill Tidsbury


On longing.

From my journals – summer 2016:

I grope somewhat dis-jointedly – and yet with perseverance – somehow I keep coming to a certainty that I know the “direction”!  I have tasted of You! When I brush You, I find You more than I could ever hope and long for. Something turns over in my heart. It is on such a deep level that I can not even frame it. Yet, it is foundational to my being. It forms the substance of my reality and in touching it – it shakes and resonates and resounds. I can’t even describe this location – it encompasses me! It stirs a deep yearning that is so vast that something within me quells to countenance it!

Yet, I am drawn in – even as my being scatters, unable to cope, to process that which I embrace. Even in the scattering there is a cry of loss – of longing to somehow to step in and remain – to abide. That place where my life is suspended, where eternity ravages existence and breath taking fountains erupt within impossible spaces which can not exist in my fragile frame.

So, I am still caught between what is and who You are. Knowing who I am has so much more substance than that which is. So I rest in Hope, I know whom I have believed in. I have tasted of a glory I can’t conceive. It is so beyond anything I can reach – yet, it continues to draw near – inviting me to “be”. Stillness exists within the Life which streams unseen and paints my future with colours and songs not known or described. Fullness stretches the limits of my narrow gaze – and so – I continue to be drawn in!

Author – Bill Tidsbury

Leaping past


Life breathes.

Soul rests peacefully.

Spirit communes with eternity.

Waiting for Forever’s present song!

Leaping past the natural into You.

Embraced by Hope’s distinctive fragrance while dancing!

Crazy to know Love’s boundless giving.

Held close: Laughter kisses truth.

Joy dancing with destiny.

My heart gentled.

Expecting more.


Author – Bill Tidsbury



I was only running,

Thinking it would be better on the other side.


that was all,

I was sure that it would all be ok.


Why am I struggling?

When running always keeps me safe?



It really has come to that.

Confusion seems comfortable inside my head.


Crap – I am going down!

Why does pain come when I don’t want to hurt?


Where does it hurt?

How do I cope when I am all alone?



I’m really desperate!

Crazy to think that something really is there.


It hasn’t worked before!

Still I look for someone to open the door.


Pain so ravages!

How do others keep going on?



Something’s different today!

Eyes see me – this shakes my frame!


It’s too good to be true.

What if this scam betrays my pain?


I can’t help it!

Those eyes have seen,and tears soak my soul!

Author – Bill Tidsbury



Such a concept!

I am known in your eyes.

In your presence I’m quiet,

with your touch I’m at peace.

I find myself settled,

knowing all is secure.

I find life in acceptance.

I find joy in my now.

I am energized in seeing,

your heart open to me.

Now -I’m believing I can!



It’s a wonder!

I am valued so greatly.

I am looked at with pleasure!

I move with new grace

cause you hold my heart dear.

I leap high into dancing.

I flirt as I move.

Laughter sings melodies,

as you come so near.

Your light has broken my fears!



What a journey!

I find my life melding.

I joy in discovery,

I’m finding who you are.

My heart leaps with passion,

as curiosity soars.

Breathless I cling

as we dance through the fire,

– mutually, exclusively now!



You are a gift!

Serenity’s strong arms

have shaken my “normal”,

releasing  “brand new”.

I float in an ocean,

unruffled by change.

I’m captured implicitly

in your tender care.



What a joy!

Finding freedom to look,

to open the doors.

I step into places.

I’m struggling to breathe!

As light rises in me

now knowing – you believe!



What a beauty!

To dance as one cherished.

To know that you’re there.

I leap into trusting

with courage so rare!



Such power!

Birthing my dreaming.

Together in love,

my destiny’s now nearing.



Such presence!

Delighting in mystery

with the One who is there!



I’m sizzling!

Wild fire is my throne!



Releasing worlds!



Author – Bill Tidsbury

Come be with me!

It takes time for some things to soak in. Intimacy is not a quick fix. It is a place of being. You have to be still  long enough to have tenderness impregnate your heart. The tendrils of love grow us together only by invitation – mutual invitation. That takes a conversation – being still enough to listen. And being free enough to respond by opening up your heart in most unusual directions!

Laughter and joy come from settled trust. There is freedom in a belly laugh! You can’t be in a  hurry to look into my eyes. To know my depths takes time. To allow me to untangle limitations and allow your spiritual senses to expand into Life. You are in such a hurry, but my “now” has all the time in the world!

Come be with me is my invitation.

Author – Bill Tidsbury



Looking over precipices;

When does fear of heights end?


Enjoying chatting with friends;

Why do I drink tea?


Watching giggling toddlers play;

Why do we protect some?


Listening to others cry;

When do tears cease?


Surprised by a screeching car;

Where does my life come from?


Glorious colour blooming;

Why do we stop for beauty?


Finding strength in anchored peace;

Can violence’s tide be stopped?


Knowing you have destiny;

How do I receive such insight?



Because Spirit lifts off darkness;

How do we become contagious?

Author – Bill Tidsbury