One small soul

She framed a vision in a place where violence reigns with glee. Her eyes burned with a fire as she spoke of sealed longings deep within. She called to mind her sorrows and deep loss of a father’s trust. She grieved for paths that took her wandering through the down trodden dust.

She spoke of hearing Spirit. She recalled the words with power, bringing hope to deadened songs. She gasped within her being as knowing met with love. Vision opened suddenly, purpose danced with breathless grace.

So she returned to fire and her dream so bright and pure. She saw the wonder of connections to a destiny supreme. So now she’s stepping outside, possibility’s opened life. She’s grasped  elusive strands to frame things sight unseen.

She carries passion deep within her soul. It burns with zeal fuelled by Her spirit’s song. She knows unerringly that one day she will seize, realities of all things she has yet to see. She reaches out with energy to shift the debris off, she shoulders past disturbance and fears of violence.

She knows, oh yes she knows, a calling burns within. To change her world and frame it into something so magnificent. She’s stepping forward eagerly, she’s moving without delay. She has laid hold of promise and soon will have her way.

One woman’s hope in a sea of crime. One women’s dream to push back the darkened strife. One small soul, with little to her name, but one large believer in all she’s framed. Oh, for more wonders, so full of passion bright to march forward into this dark night!

Author – Bill Tidsbury