i am drawn into a knowing, a certainty unfolding,

its essence is so delicate, it is hard to even explore!

It fills when i am not looking, it soaks my inner world

by shifting frames and opening these depths unfathomable.

It’s substance is eternal, it neither shifts nor dims.

It’s fabric enshrouds my being,

infinity’s reality through these unseen reflections.

It invades this space – where it has always been –

it’s my home – a place of being found in you,

where i am always meant to be.

There is no hurry, there is no speed – yet instant is a reality apart from me.

Glory morphs – yet is as always has been.

Perspective shifts,

the thread to my naturalness is strained!


recreated in multicoloured hues,

so startling -sparkling and iridescent.

To be with you in holiness, to be with you in life.

This one most deeply anchored, has life unshakeable.

Author – Bill Tidsbury