Life is best taken raw!

It appears easy for so many to disconnect from the rawness of real life with many words. There is a form of life in words. It can paint in colour, yet, it becomes a “still life”. Beautiful but somehow missing the dynamic of life in the raw.

Life is vast and changing – something so relational that it takes me past words to where my heart engages with you, my living essence. I find myself shifted, trembling, standing in awe- breathless with wonder – in you. You crack  an unknown dimension in my spirit that hungers furiously for this vitality that has no counterpart in my natural world.It’s substance is monumental, it’s voice a roar that shakes and thunders louder than any storm created crescendo. I am known and and I know in a moment that lasts forever.

Life is about being in you and you being in me. That fundamental reality must be felt, breathed, be enmeshed in my very core.

There is a harmonic resonance to life that must be listened to. Whether the metaphor is of dance or music, the interplay must be the wellspring of all thought, all motion, all dreams, all words and actions.

My being is in you and your being is in me! I flow out of who you are, and your flow enhances who I am. I am only most vibrantly myself, when I sink into you. You express yourself through me. As I partner with you,  I in turn realize in splendour, the glory of who I am – unique, beloved, powerful, free!

Life is best taken raw!

Author – Bill Tidsbury