Such a concept!

I am known in your eyes.

In your presence I’m quiet,

with your touch I’m at peace.

I find myself settled,

knowing all is secure.

I find life in acceptance.

I find joy in my now.

I am energized in seeing,

your heart open to me.

Now -I’m believing I can!



It’s a wonder!

I am valued so greatly.

I am looked at with pleasure!

I move with new grace

cause you hold my heart dear.

I leap high into dancing.

I flirt as I move.

Laughter sings melodies,

as you come so near.

Your light has broken my fears!



What a journey!

I find my life melding.

I joy in discovery,

I’m finding who you are.

My heart leaps with passion,

as curiosity soars.

Breathless I cling

as we dance through the fire,

– mutually, exclusively now!



You are a gift!

Serenity’s strong arms

have shaken my “normal”,

releasing  “brand new”.

I float in an ocean,

unruffled by change.

I’m captured implicitly

in your tender care.



What a joy!

Finding freedom to look,

to open the doors.

I step into places.

I’m struggling to breathe!

As light rises in me

now knowing – you believe!



What a beauty!

To dance as one cherished.

To know that you’re there.

I leap into trusting

with courage so rare!



Such power!

Birthing my dreaming.

Together in love,

my destiny’s now nearing.



Such presence!

Delighting in mystery

with the One who is there!



I’m sizzling!

Wild fire is my throne!



Releasing worlds!



Author – Bill Tidsbury