breezes tag-team.

Whispered fragrance rising.

Faint chorus, frogs joy!

Evening’s dusk ends day’s fire.

Together, you and I captured delightedly.

Night’s symphony debuts again with lilting melody.

Companionship is sweet when hearts unite.

Communion’s laughter refreshes hope’s destiny.

Merry hearts remember victory.

Dream’s possibilities beckon

blossom’s bud.


Author – Bill Tidsbury


Eternity’s child


Lies abound.

Eyes shout pain.

Fear bullies precious hearts

while children’s innocence is gutted.

Silence spreads its blanket over screams;

still, the blue/green planet endlessly dreams.

Who heeds silent screams – Eternity’s child!

Whose tears wet the ground

forever slaying pain’s poison?

The Lover’s suitor!

Eyes smiling


Author – Bill Tidsbury

Living fluidly.

How we picture or frame things affects how we relate to it.

What if truth were best seen as water?

Truth is like water in that it is pervasive and required in all aspects of life. Without water, life as we know it can’t exist.It expresses itself as comfortably in trees as in humans. So diversity is at core, part of its expression – so truth rightly understood demonstrates amazing capacity to be consistent within itself yet be present in many configurations. Water is not usually a weapon of choice! It is not hard – except when frozen. Frozen truth can be used as a weapon, yet in its very frozenness we quickly render it obsolete! Water fills the air as humidity and yet fills the oceans to great depths. It percolates through rock and soil – it is amazing how it forms the fabric of our world. So truth, as life giving substance is entwined with all reality.

Continuing on with the metaphor then, to see someone vibrantly expressing truth, is not to see them armed with many swords, or tools nor books, but rather to envision someone who is healthy, well hydrated – not parched! It is someone who is not sickly but full of vitality and joy. Truth isn’t so much found by grasping at it as if it were a sword ( who can grasp the ocean!) Truth is found by dwelling in awareness, in harmony. That is, someone well adjusted to their environment. A picture of this is the freedom that would come from swimming in the ocean with gills and fins! To breathe water and not die.

So it seems that often to know truth I am called to be transformed. This challenges my rigid certainty that protects me from change. Yet to live, is to change, to grow and to expand. Often when I am most uncomfortable with the circumstances of my life, unjust as they can be , there are still hints that prod me to recognize that it is time for change so that I can live in truth – in life.  If I look to see with clarity, my challenges speak out that I need transformation! Truth always invites us into curiosity. To learn, to grow, to know. Welcome to living fluidly!!

Author – Bill Tidsbury

On that which nibbles unawares

Sitting at my desk these last few days has brought to light a new challenge to my personal space. There is some small, almost invisible creature nibbling on my ankles! That is one of the challenges of living in the tropics, you can’t really be sure what little creatures may hop a ride into your inner haven!

I at first assumed that it was a night time bed partner that was doing the damage. You know the feeling that something is happen – while you sleep! I eliminated that as the option after I found upon careful morning examination  that I had no red spots or nibbles when I woke up. It always occurred later in the day!!

I wondered if it could be hidden in the recesses of where I occasionally take my siesta – I carefully examined anything close to my feet – just to be sure. NO luck! Yet, I kept on getting nibbled. Nothing serious – just a few new itchy spots each day. And mysteriously – whatever it was, preferred my right ankle!

So I took to examining the space under my desk and lo and behold I saw a tiny creature flying – hard to track it was so small – even harder to swat as well.It seemed to hide on the opposite side from the breeze that cooled me down from my trusty fan – Ahah – my right side! So with reluctance I felt constrained to move against my general non-use of chemicals poisons  and I heavily doused my desk space with whatever lethal substance I could find in the nether reaches of my cupboard under the kitchen sink.

With satisfaction I can say it is a battle I have won – for the moment – until the next little blood thirsty crusader comes sneaking into my home!!

Author  – Bill Tidsbury

Stepping into Love

So the question really is – how do I shift my heart towards becoming an open hearted lover who will treasure the gifts of intimacy that flow from your heart? These gestures are offered to me in so many diverse ways. You are constantly  opening doors of possibility because you so yearn to enter into delight and wonder with me. They come into my world through the smile of a child, the cry of a wounded soul, the crash of a wave, or the silence of a still night. Always and forever you come in.

As I pay attention to the more obvious signals of my Lover, you step closer! You open your heart in stages – both for my benefit and for the nurturing of a Love that will blossom into something that will thrill your heart. You are willing to wait for true love. Love always responds to love. And it does not open vulnerably to one who plays with other lovers. The Lover knows what he longs for – the single glance that opens shivers in His soul. The glance that is unclouded and nervously hopeful of being seen. The glance that ignites when I am seen, when my deepest dream is unlocked by a glance – and love rushes in. My heart beat accelerates, my breath catches and I wonder did I mistake that moment?? I am urged to look again – not because I am uncomfortable but because I long for it to be true. And so I look and find that He also took the second look, with exactly the same hope. Our eyes meet, our hearts reach out and touch. There is an encounter. The knowledge blossoms in  my soul,we are made for each other! I then irreversibly take dancing steps towards you- testing the waters – hoping I don’t hit that hidden reef of hesitancy.I find you never hesitate for hesitancy always stalls love!!  It is I who find my heart flood by my past and pause in mid -step. I question this wild rush. And then wonder – if I missed my moment in Love – Yet hesitancy will always be overcome as I learn to trust  in the gentle persuasion of the constancy of my Lover.

So my life journey into presence is as always – very simple. Learn to rest into my Lover and know I am known and leap when ever I sense His nearness. The quicker I leap, the more exciting the journey into presence and your delightful laughter. The contagious blaze of first love – so delirious and yet so restful to be finally found and safe – forever held. I am still and yet released to be powerful, out of the reality of your tender presence at my side, inside me, overflowing over everything in my life. Glory is always an invitation.

Author – Bill Tidsbury

Ache for Fire

I ache for Fire!! Yet, it is so easy to just live on the edge of presence. I seek a Fire that shakes and consumes my being. This is a Fire that opens heaven’s essence and releases a fragrance that is unknown here in my natural world. I know Jesus, that You come to me in a way that is unique and impossible to define when I approach you in fire!!
I do recognize that there is always an opportunity to live with purposes that are less ragged. This is ever so much more reasonable! There is always an invitation to settle in to something less violent. There is always a place of being that is full of good things, of rich things, of blessing and comfort yet situated just to the side of fire.
I look at these offerings. Clearly, much can be accomplished when situated beside a fire. I see many wonderful works that are providing encouragement and they sit just next to fire. On the one hand, I question the cry that rises like anguish in my being, if I sense the drift into a place were the vibrant power of fire is quieted. And on the other, when I feel the brush of Fire something mighty stirs in my spirit.
I wonder: Why is it so common to be at ease with little fire? Is there no anguish of heart? Are there no tears felt by those who sit on the edge?
I simply do not know!!
I do know that I cannot stop longing for more of something I have only tasted. I know that a Fire burns somewhere that is an answer to the shaking that at times buffets my spirit. I feel the cry of our broken world, the harshness of the violence unaffected by good and strategic movements. “Nicely organized” may perhaps work smoothly in a finely cultured place. However when poverty ravages and bloody hands grasp, something more is needed.
A fire must burn that turns our eyes into fountains of tears. A fire must burn that will not rest until the reality of presence is more than an idea spoken about in beautiful songs. A fire must consume me and not allow me live unless I see something arise. A Kingdom that is powerful and invites with hope, the bloody, guilty hand. A Kingdom that is gentle and lies in the ash heap with the wounded victim filled with horror. A Kingdom that will not rest until justice is established in this ravaged place that has the promise of so much beauty.
Yet the mystery remains, how do I let that Fire truly unsettle my life and bring transformation that is from heaven?
A Fire that brings joyous laughter in the midst of the rending sorrow of injustice. A Fire that opens Life in the midst of our torn up world. Not a Life that is full of platitudes and endless words, but, a Life that is full of vibrant electricity that delivers freedom, that opens cages, that grants men honour who have lived in dishonour. A Life that answers women’s yearning for Beauty and breaks the back of oppression.
I feel it raging within me, and I run again to you my King, my beautiful Spirit of Fire, to be undone before my Daddy God – whose presence alone causes the hills to melt, and say “I need You”. I need to be torn apart in a process that only you can accomplish, so that Fire might be released in me. I can not live without your Fire. I can not endure something that is simply “nice”.
I see so may who have come to terms with “nice”, with achievements, with evidence that change is happening. Yet there is no powerful transformation.There is a small lifeboat in the midst of a raging stormy sea. This storm is full of blood and travesty that continually visits broken lives.
We all know that there are millions wandering in pain and tremendous suffering. Millions dying daily. Our times are too dire for simply “nice” responses. The need is vast, much bigger than anyone of us can even conceive!! It truly is a need that requires a response that shifts the earth and brings great shaking. It can not be won by strategic thinking!! It can not be won by careful calculation.
I believe that it can only be won by those willing to pour out their lives, as laid down lovers. Asking nothing but that the Fire would somehow burn in the beauty of a tumult that is Love. Something pure, something just, something powerful and far from “nice”. Something that shakes our sense of personal greatness and allows us to give our lives away for the sake of the One – who is Jesus and who is most seen in the child crying before me or the marginalized person that I just stepped over.
And so I struggle seeking to learn a peace and stillness that creates a hearth for Fire. A life that allows a Love to blossom and flow in a way that supernaturally changes the elements in my world around me. All this, outside of my control, so I live “not knowing”, yet, hungry, pressing in for that which only You , my King can do if I but allow your Fire to be my Life!!
Author – Bill Tidsbury