On Fortresses

I built a castle on a hill and made it tall and strong. I built a wall and with great care, made my defences, firm! I’ve built it greater and secured, each time I’ve sensed a war. It feels so great, unshakeable. It’s mighty and declares – I’m safe, I am sure, I’m hidden well no soul may pierce my veil. I will not hurt, I will not feel; shame lies trapped safe below.

And so I built a keep most rare, and formed my plan with care. I framed great conference rooms and chains to store that shame and pain. I anchored chains and fixtures strong to keep the prison dank. It’s crafted depths with care designed, to keep out all the light. And soon these depths became so dark, and bound my silenced soul. They gnawed the bedrock thunderously, dark power in control.

One day I came to know and see,this after thought now real. Fantasy now became  the keep, my home was not in light. The battlements shone so splendid white, banners streaming gaily. Yet deep within the fortress sure, there was so much wailing! I do not know or understand, when my heart found these chains. But this I knew that now I lived, in dankest depths most sure. Sad, looking back I realize now,the chains got short each day. They drew me to a destiny alone within these depths.

I stepped out into light again. You opened up my life. You broke off chains and made me see that I could walk away. I lifted up my eyes with joy I welcomed freedom’s kiss. The invitation came to fly, to leave the ramparts sure. I chose to soar and only rest when life’s delight found sleep. I soon forgot the dungeon depths, I left them far away. Till one day some dark spectre roared and shocked my flight to ground. Immediately, I soon recalled the safety of “that” place. Below I raced with hurried stride back safe within my keep.

This pattern now became the norm, when ere I couldn’t fly. Until one day I came to see, my castle had been changed. No longer anchored in the earth, in the sky it floated!  No longer bound by gravity, it’s freedom was unique. I quickly opened up the walls, the dungeon now was light.  I opened up its darkened state to  rainbows in the sky. Now, deep within, I’m shifting still, releasing all these chains. Light’s pouring in, I’m not defined by all that’s gone before. I’m looking forward to the day, I find no shame, no hurt.  The freedom of life’s harmony instead my symphony!

Author – Bill Tidsbury