Life lived at the mercy of something malevolent produces great dread.

Life lived in dependence on my own strength creates deep drivenness and an impulse to pursue quickly while I yet have that strength. It establishes deep commitments to guard and protect that which has been attained and narrows life to something lacking in generosity. My own strength squeezes the life out of me and destroys those most precious to me!

Life lived without hope causes my present realities to define my being and existence. It is chaotic and unpredictable. It is unstable and can only be seen within the context of my current fortune. It has a narrow horizon and leaves no legacy.  Simply put, it becomes wasted, driven by the winds of chance and quickly is shipwrecked on some shore.

However, if Life has purpose and is in someway connected to something good, then there is reason to hope and reason to appreciate a process that will bring a result full of future promise.

Good has to be understood in the deepest sense. This is a Good that has no shifting shadow. Good that overflows in fragrance, in laugher, in expectation and hope, in abundance and vitality. Good that exceeds any normal expectations of limitation, of endings, of finality – of expressions –  “well that sure was good” – now that it is over. It is a Good that always and continuously expands its experience. It flows in unexpected directions and discovers unforeseen fountains.It envelopes and protects It releases and restores. It is the contrasting dynamic to a broken world.

The question is  – how is it possible to shift and experience something so good?

Author – Bill Tidsbury