Stepping into Love

So the question really is – how do I shift my heart towards becoming an open hearted lover who will treasure the gifts of intimacy that flow from your heart? These gestures are offered to me in so many diverse ways. You are constantly  opening doors of possibility because you so yearn to enter into delight and wonder with me. They come into my world through the smile of a child, the cry of a wounded soul, the crash of a wave, or the silence of a still night. Always and forever you come in.

As I pay attention to the more obvious signals of my Lover, you step closer! You open your heart in stages – both for my benefit and for the nurturing of a Love that will blossom into something that will thrill your heart. You are willing to wait for true love. Love always responds to love. And it does not open vulnerably to one who plays with other lovers. The Lover knows what he longs for – the single glance that opens shivers in His soul. The glance that is unclouded and nervously hopeful of being seen. The glance that ignites when I am seen, when my deepest dream is unlocked by a glance – and love rushes in. My heart beat accelerates, my breath catches and I wonder did I mistake that moment?? I am urged to look again – not because I am uncomfortable but because I long for it to be true. And so I look and find that He also took the second look, with exactly the same hope. Our eyes meet, our hearts reach out and touch. There is an encounter. The knowledge blossoms in  my soul,we are made for each other! I then irreversibly take dancing steps towards you- testing the waters – hoping I don’t hit that hidden reef of hesitancy.I find you never hesitate for hesitancy always stalls love!!  It is I who find my heart flood by my past and pause in mid -step. I question this wild rush. And then wonder – if I missed my moment in Love – Yet hesitancy will always be overcome as I learn to trust  in the gentle persuasion of the constancy of my Lover.

So my life journey into presence is as always – very simple. Learn to rest into my Lover and know I am known and leap when ever I sense His nearness. The quicker I leap, the more exciting the journey into presence and your delightful laughter. The contagious blaze of first love – so delirious and yet so restful to be finally found and safe – forever held. I am still and yet released to be powerful, out of the reality of your tender presence at my side, inside me, overflowing over everything in my life. Glory is always an invitation.

Author – Bill Tidsbury