On that which nibbles unawares

Sitting at my desk these last few days has brought to light a new challenge to my personal space. There is some small, almost invisible creature nibbling on my ankles! That is one of the challenges of living in the tropics, you can’t really be sure what little creatures may hop a ride into your inner haven!

I at first assumed that it was a night time bed partner that was doing the damage. You know the feeling that something is happen – while you sleep! I eliminated that as the option after I found upon careful morning examination  that I had no red spots or nibbles when I woke up. It always occurred later in the day!!

I wondered if it could be hidden in the recesses of where I occasionally take my siesta – I carefully examined anything close to my feet – just to be sure. NO luck! Yet, I kept on getting nibbled. Nothing serious – just a few new itchy spots each day. And mysteriously – whatever it was, preferred my right ankle!

So I took to examining the space under my desk and lo and behold I saw a tiny creature flying – hard to track it was so small – even harder to swat as well.It seemed to hide on the opposite side from the breeze that cooled me down from my trusty fan – Ahah – my right side! So with reluctance I felt constrained to move against my general non-use of chemicals poisons  and I heavily doused my desk space with whatever lethal substance I could find in the nether reaches of my cupboard under the kitchen sink.

With satisfaction I can say it is a battle I have won – for the moment – until the next little blood thirsty crusader comes sneaking into my home!!

Author  – Bill Tidsbury