Living fluidly.

How we picture or frame things affects how we relate to it.

What if truth were best seen as water?

Truth is like water in that it is pervasive and required in all aspects of life. Without water, life as we know it can’t exist.It expresses itself as comfortably in trees as in humans. So diversity is at core, part of its expression – so truth rightly understood demonstrates amazing capacity to be consistent within itself yet be present in many configurations. Water is not usually a weapon of choice! It is not hard – except when frozen. Frozen truth can be used as a weapon, yet in its very frozenness we quickly render it obsolete! Water fills the air as humidity and yet fills the oceans to great depths. It percolates through rock and soil – it is amazing how it forms the fabric of our world. So truth, as life giving substance is entwined with all reality.

Continuing on with the metaphor then, to see someone vibrantly expressing truth, is not to see them armed with many swords, or tools nor books, but rather to envision someone who is healthy, well hydrated – not parched! It is someone who is not sickly but full of vitality and joy. Truth isn’t so much found by grasping at it as if it were a sword ( who can grasp the ocean!) Truth is found by dwelling in awareness, in harmony. That is, someone well adjusted to their environment. A picture of this is the freedom that would come from swimming in the ocean with gills and fins! To breathe water and not die.

So it seems that often to know truth I am called to be transformed. This challenges my rigid certainty that protects me from change. Yet to live, is to change, to grow and to expand. Often when I am most uncomfortable with the circumstances of my life, unjust as they can be , there are still hints that prod me to recognize that it is time for change so that I can live in truth – in life.  If I look to see with clarity, my challenges speak out that I need transformation! Truth always invites us into curiosity. To learn, to grow, to know. Welcome to living fluidly!!

Author – Bill Tidsbury