Children’s eyes full of wonder – clear, wakeful believing, lavishly trusting those who receive. Spontaneous and frivolous, endearingly infectious, they swiftly sink into warmth’s luxuriant embrace. Young siblings entangled, holding and wrestling, kissing and fighting with all of their hearts. Impish twins closer, even mysterious, syncing and smoothly dancing love’s merry song. Giggles, fill spaces, soaring infectiously, creating wonder in one who awakes. Life pirouettes sweetly, sparkling and twinkling, while joy stirs up with magic this day.

Treasure  the wonder, feel the delight. Wonder’s crazy invitation to believe when I dread. My moment once lifeless, the dormant now effusive, waiting to kiss me with joy once again. Each child reminds me, each twinkle enlivens, the deadness that’s birthed in protected old souls. To laugh with abandon, to wrestle with chuckles, to twirl and forget the echoes of shame. I give myself mercy, I give myself rest, I pause to let little ones tickle my ear. Their whispers will spark me, their poke will awake me, and suddenly, crazily, I’m child once more!

Author – Bill Tidsbury