Assassin’s curse

Dark shack, gut shot man, eking out his life.

Eating beans. Can’t drink prescribed necessity – way beyond his means.

No one explains his colostomy, he only suffers in pain,

reliving his “moment” in misery’s darkness – when suddenly all was changed.

Seven long months in misery’s horror, weeks of agony enshrined with loss.

Bitterness wrenches the depths of a soul. How do you live when you  can not move, why keep trying, consuming useless food?

Children watch silently. Life ebbs away. Life in poverty is bleak!

Yet, Hope arrives, speaking promise of grace reflected in a stranger’s eyes.

Moments of peace break open a space as Life’s symphony sounds forth.

Joy’s victory dances in front of their eyes, shifting a world with a touch.

Forgiveness is spoken, words sounding forth from a throat constricted by seven months rage.

The battle is fierce, the victory valiant – to live so free from chains.

Suddenly, dramatically, the trauma is done.

With joy, a lightness begins. The dawning awareness of freedom to be, death no longer enthroned.

No longer oppressed, the travesty flees and physicality gives space to mercy’s song.

Life’s glow fills a face, a child’s face marvels as loss is displaced by true grace.

We each walk a journey, bound up in our pain.

So easy to live life in loss and regret – “I hate how I’m done to” – and dance with this partner till bitterness ripens my pain.

Yet light comes inviting, Grace opens a window to live life in freedom and grace.

To open my hands up, unwinding my sentence of death, forgiving so I can be free.

My being floods with mercy, my body leaps with blessing and healing’s inheritance marries my destiny.

So good to share freedom,

a wonder to share love,

so powerful to see moments of grace.

To know Spirit’s marvel, to dance in the darkness, to open up dawn’s gracious embrace.

Joy comes in the  morning,

laughter’s blessing is found,

when together we journey believing in Life.

Author – Bill Tidsbury