Here there be dragons!

A labyrinth is both an enigma and a structure that has substance and foundation. In the classics, the Cretan king trapped the minotaur in a mulit-branching or multicursal maze. In a similar way, I find that the labyrinth of my life, with its many convoluted passageways can often trap me in its ambiguity and form. As we shape this labyrinth through our life’s journey,we lay down designs that are often mysterious, with echoes of of something raw. Sometimes, in momentary flashes of insight I see a moment in my past which is so tight and constricted, I am sure I will choke and suffocate in the mere brush of memory. Other times I can feel cast adrift in a grey and formless world that is so wispy and indistinct, it is as if I have no substance and am a mere echo of a distant sound. My labyrinth is a reflection of my journey with it’s depths and momentary exposure to glimpses of splendour through windows that promised hope. It is my record, laid down to support my present intersection with my living “now”.

The complexity of my labyrinth is that like your’s, it is multi-dimensional. There is the easily accessible and simplistic recollection of events and memories that easily flows forth in general conversation. Then there are those layers whose hidden trap doors are only spoken of with the trusted few who have gained trust and can be honoured with the deeper complexities of our journey’s twists and turns. Finally, there is the process of opening up the mystery of those dreaded haunts that often only let us us know of their existence through groans and shifting floors that trouble us in moments of crisis. These deeper locations always carry warnings – as on ancient maps – “ Here there be dragons!”

The danger of labyrinths is that monsters that escape the depths can do tremendous harm. The promise of labyrinths is that once opened, they become deep wells of peace and wisdom.

Anyone who has ever tried to navigate their personal labyrinth knows the yearning desire for a guide. To step into depths, instinctively raises my awareness of the need for safety and protection.I need assistance with courage, I need the grace of intuitive support. Most of all I need a constant sense of upwelling hope. The promise that I do have what it takes to step into freedom and love.

I have found that in the mystery of my journey, I need something spiritual. Not just an idea, a definition, but something with substance that understands the expansive reality of spirit and that world that exists with such vibrancy and wonder. In my journey, I have found that the Spirit of God, is the only guide capable of delivering all of these wonderful realities in life giving passion.If I seek Life, if I seek freedom and light, the search for truth in our innermost being always is answered. There is a being – a father, a mother, a brother, a family that yearns to be known. That longs to embrace and welcome us in. Hope opens the door to trust and trust takes us through into intimacy! This is the journey of Life. This is the purpose of our labyrinth!

Author  – Bill Tidsbury