With You

Joy is a feeling internal,

Peace engages my will,

Love is a feeling of mystery

Hope always opens my cage.


To dance when the dance floor is missing,

To laugh when no one is playing,

To sing when the piano is tuneless,

To be when I’m alone in my haze.


It takes courage to laugh in the silence,

It is strong to weep when feeling the song,

It is loud when I’m still and most quiet,

It is life when I breathe and move on.


I stop so I  hear you just being,

I look for a glimpse of your eyes,

I hold  your hand to feel tender,

I turn cause I’m safe in your arms.


I’m best when I’m with you alone.

I’m happy to skip when away,

I’m free to whisper my secrets,

I’m ready to dance all my days.

Author – Bill Tidsbury