Grace finds a way

Grace flows!

Grace is a soothing, healing reality that flows through nooks and crannies in our lives.

Grace finds a way!

Grace’s entry comes at the most unusual times. It’s appearance is unmistakeable. It softens hearts and opens heaven’s healing encounters. It releases unspoken songs. It gives birth to long buried longings and dreams. It is the tangible expression of my Daddy God’s love. When I  experience grace you become incarnate in my personal experience. Once again you meet me. You caress. You invite. You celebrate.

Grace creates space where you, Spirit of God, can move and whisper my name. Grace imparts possibility and releases the colours of life. It is the entry to the wedding feast! It is festal and rejoices with the wine of the Spirit.

Grace confers the power of identity. It takes the resources  of your treasury and translates them into currency that can be transacted in this broken world. Grace meets blessing at the foot of your cross Jesus, where dirt and blood where mingled irrevocably. Earthen fragility wedded to divinity in the sufferings of the lover of my soul. You gave all for me! Words so lack the capacity to contain your extravagance.

Author – Bill Tidsbury