Bright Heritage


leaves shining.

Frost in gloom.

You unfold the morning!

Hope hangs expectantly – for me.

The eye sees light not gloom.

My Lover has framed my glorious calling.

Today I wait with breathless anticipation.

Your life is my delight.

Courage comes with waiting.

My bright heritage-

-your presence!


Author – Bill Tidsbury




Cold that crinkles my face,

tinkles the frost in my hair,

scalds skin that’s left peeking ,

sure lets me know I’m real.

Wind that wildly whips hair,

whistles when kissing my ears,

tears up the eyes that are squinty,

connects my being to feel.

Sun that blinds with glitter,

warms my skin that is bare,

draws me into life’s colours,

making darkness surreal.

Scents that flow from the forest,

-tangy hints make me sneeze-

taking me deep into memory,

giving fragrance its seal.



Feeling, you’ve ignited my being.

Your eyes have touched me with fire.

My hands reach out with longing.

Entwined, I’m drawn into your zeal.

Turning, I bask in your gaze,

wondering, I laugh as you tease,

Pausing, in wonder reflective,

bright image in me to reveal.

Active, alive in my senses.

Twirling, I dance in your flame.

Shivering – now taken beyond,

Light really does have appeal!

Cozy and wrapped up in silence.

Presence that hugs me with warmth.

Peace lying close to your hearth fire.

Being with you is ideal!

Love is gentle and kind

Christmas is a time of year when culturally we seek to create and return to lost places of warmth and connectivity. We yearn for the wonder of laughter and true heart connections. We long for a daddy’s warm embrace and his delightful cry of approval: we twinkle with a mom’s heartfelt hug and kiss, eyes that say you are still the best thing that came into her life since sliced bread; we anticipate siblings who run together to embrace and reflect on secrets shared and adventures taken.

We come together to remind ourselves that relationships matter –  to celebrate that love still exists and that I have a place and identity in family. To often, the pace of our culture and the conflicted expectations of our desperations, move me out of creativity and joy and into conflict and triggers. Soon, instead of delighting and laughing, I am tearing down and shredding. The conversation veers to – “Oh yeah,well I remember when…” Hurt and negativity so easily takes centre stage again. Leaving laughter to weep in the corner.

Violence captures attention because it so easily shoves itself into centre stage. Negativity and criticism also delights to stand out and somehow spray cold water all over any warm celebration. Every young child knows that it is far easier to use our creative urge to tear something down rather than to build. Ingenuity and artistic creation flow only when we begin to develop a little bit of maturity and control over the larger forces that course through our lives.

It is intriguing to watch a child in the throes of laying hold of creative expression! The light goes on and suddenly pieces start to be joined rather than torn apart. Invariably though, there comes a moment when the delicacy of creation exceeds the muscular control of the young body and something that was beginning to form collapses. The dismay is written large and then the reaction can easily be regression and aggression. A simple exercise in tearing the whole thing apart – life is just too difficult!

Love comes gently. Love rests on grace. Family needs our collective support to say we will hold our peace when an enemy comes in to steal the treasure of love that we all hoped for. We do need each other. We do need to share the kiss of kindness – especially with those closest to us.

May your day be full of peace. May your heart overflow with joy. May the wonder of the season set your feet dancing and may you know the quiet security of the treasure of who you are.

I am created with purpose! I have destiny written all over my life. My possibilities don’t hinge on other’s words, they flow out of my unique design. I am a gift to the world. I am a blessing to my family. I have personality that has a sparkle and flare that no one else can replicate. I have so much more to discover. If this is true of me, then it is true of every other member of my family or community. This is a day to celebrate wonder! Let us celebrate each other and the One who made us each a spectacular facet of His image!

Author – Bill Tidsbury

Infinite Beginnings


Surging tide.

always pulling upward.

Spirit’s finger writing music.

Haunting echoes resonate deep within.

Marvellous intimacy inviting Courage to leap.

Faith’s moment; heart soaring without constraint.

Life is colourless unless He’s mine!

Reality bends in His presence.

Design flows with purpose.

Joyful child’s marvel.

Infinite beginnings.


Author – Bill Tidsbury

Stepping through

The Spirit of God has a longing desire to release the wonder of revelational encounters to any seeking heart. But this wonder can not be released to an inflexible heart! It would only be damaged – ripped open – rather than stretched and transformed by the wonder.

It is easy to yearn for a change in circumstances, and yet, not realize that to receive the wonder of this change, I require a structure that will “stretch”. If my security is anchored in the familiar, rather than in the reality of a dynamic relationship with my Daddy God, I will only be torn free and cast into a scary, rootless oblivion!

Mercy withholds revelation from a boxed in, constrained and dogmatic mind.

The softness of love, the vibrancy and flexibility of flame, is open to any who are willing to “change state” ( the concept of going from a liquid to a gas). So I am invited to move from the natural box I have learned and step into the awe that flows in the wind of the Spirit.

To feel the heat of worship and adoration and not leave the structure of our wooden form leaves us impossibly on edge and at risk. I choose to give wing to a change of state.  I join myself to the Spirit of God – a dynamic with which I am in general not essentially familiar with as a human being bound in my culture. I then suddenly leap upwards in a  dance of flame that is full of heat and passion. What opens to me is a world far different from the hard structure of my material world.

I stretch beyond my knowing. I see with eyes that acknowledge the impossibility of what I see, even as I experience majesty beyond my comprehension. I sense my being imprinted by shaping and crafting that are tender yet impossibly life changing. I know I am marked forever by  an infinite grace and that has opened to me existence in a vibrancy I have never imagined. I settle into a peace even as I shake at the weak incapacity of my frames of reality being bent and transformed. And I know – I am known  – loved and endued with possibility I could not have foreseen even a second ago. Timeless and yet present. Explosively at peace. Joyous with an exuberance found only in intimacy, yet forever invited to love expansively.

I am drawn into revelation and I not only experience wonder – I know Him!!

Author – Bill Tidsbury

Lively Joy


Clothes flapping.

Body leaning in.

Fierce joy tasting Life.

Exulting in wondrous invisible flow.

Communing with the One I love.

Enveloped by His love:  breath surrounds me.

Vistas falling away beneath  me.

Grounded yet flying high.

Lively joy dancing.

Arms high.


Author – Bill Tidsbury


I don’t have to be active and busy today, I’m called to rest in your peace. The world is in turmoil but never defined by the mess that taints people’s minds.

I know that the troubles I’ve seen in this place, bring sorrow untold to your gaze. I know your heart feels every thrust and sits beside me in dust.

I have no regard for form or disgrace. I have no desire for place. I’m not made to sit in a palace of gold, I’ve chosen to be with those sold.

As the world reels along, I can’t find a way, to comprehend pain and despair. I see it in faces, I hear it in wails, it breaks all the norms and assails!

I cannot be silent, I can not be still, I step with a need to unfold, the wonder of being safe in your arms while tumult still buffets my soul.

My heart knows no stranger, your heart longs for home. I seek only still to be found. I long for the joy of a moment sublime, when you see me clearly first time.

The sound grows louder, the groans seem so long, the rumbling grind of the ground. The hopeless are pushed down, the hurting slash around and still there is more to be found.

My heart doesn’t weep well, my eyes can be dry. I find I’ve buried you deep. It’s only in silence, it’s only when still, that echoes come rising to spill.

I wish and I long for the freedom to be, just sitting across from your need. I want to be comfort, I want to be grace, if only to see in your face.

I need fresh encounters, I want to have more, of your intense fragrance that clings. This transforms my haste and suddenly flings reality in to it’s place.

So you who are holy, and you who is might, I desperately need you to fight. I want to push further and into your sight, to let you be all of me  this night.

I am the Spirit of Life from above. I am the Spirit of peace. I lift hearts up before the throne of His grace, to gaze in His infinite face.

I am , there is no other.

I will, and no one stops.

I act and yet am silent.

I love and yes, you can.

Author  – Bill Tidsbury