Cold that crinkles my face,

tinkles the frost in my hair,

scalds skin that’s left peeking ,

sure lets me know I’m real.

Wind that wildly whips hair,

whistles when kissing my ears,

tears up the eyes that are squinty,

connects my being to feel.

Sun that blinds with glitter,

warms my skin that is bare,

draws me into life’s colours,

making darkness surreal.

Scents that flow from the forest,

-tangy hints make me sneeze-

taking me deep into memory,

giving fragrance its seal.



Feeling, you’ve ignited my being.

Your eyes have touched me with fire.

My hands reach out with longing.

Entwined, I’m drawn into your zeal.

Turning, I bask in your gaze,

wondering, I laugh as you tease,

Pausing, in wonder reflective,

bright image in me to reveal.

Active, alive in my senses.

Twirling, I dance in your flame.

Shivering – now taken beyond,

Light really does have appeal!

Cozy and wrapped up in silence.

Presence that hugs me with warmth.

Peace lying close to your hearth fire.

Being with you is ideal!