Meeting dissonance



Firecracker’s late night bang.

Why am I not tickled?

Should I not be awake as well ?




extended to a gringo.

Humble hearts give grace

without regard to race or face.




reaching past the wall.

It seems they’re framed by filth!

Barrier’s gift grants ease, protecting wealth.




must be someone’s precious pet.

Up close, mangy/scrawny,

The poor man’s alarm technology!




keep you safe from harm.

Unless you trip and sprawl,

into the open sewer’s maw!




I’ve only started sweeping,

Yet it feels like hell,

and my back is already weeping!




gifted with free land!

Surprise that rain delivers,

a pool that’s really someone’s sewer.




Pounding on tin roofs.

The roar’s amazing!

Whose wagon train rumbled by on hoof?




Selling water bags.

Vulnerable yet artful,

groped by many hands – she feels so dull.




Old man staring emptily.

Waiting just to die

while souls rush by despairingly.




Peering at me in hope.

All humanity’s cries,

Encapsulated in one sigh!




The sudden shift in sky.

Darkness comes on wing,

and now the frogs and crickets sing.

Author – Bill Tidsbury


Shouting – in a world where whispers bring hope

We are moving into a time of conflict.

Fear fills the air.

People cry aloud!

People chant and taunt.

Actions bring harm. Pain hemorrhages everywhere.

Turmoil is causing visceral reactions.

I rise up to protect and defend my country- I am afraid!!

I rush forward to protest – I am scared of where things are going!

Truth is hard to hear when my heart is beating wildly!!

I can not see into your eyes when your eyes are violent and mine are angry!

Why should I care?

Whoever you are – you are the OTHER!! If you were my friend, you would be with me.

So I shout!

I feel strongly!

I know I am right – truth is on my side! I’m convinced! No one can change my mind!

I am blind – and now I hate!

You – the OTHER!

And it will be ok because after all – I am right!!


And truth??


Well it unfortunately lies bleeding on the ground.


How can I whisper when you are shouting? How can I bring change unless I scream?

Why does my heart look for quiet? Why is my heart bleeds full of silent screams?


Two lives whisper when love comes calling.

Two eyes soften in times of trust.

Two mouths touch with gentle kindness, when I see past your heart into your difference!



Hope rests with eyes that see.


Life lived in whispers brings a different type of victory.

Life arises in the quiet of a heart that is really free.

There is no fear when I am settled.

There is no dread when I walk in peace.

Eyes that are blind will open slowly, when I walk gently.

I connect your heart to life and love.

A sacrifice of peace is needed.

Quiet presence in the midst of violence.                 Actions taken that open windows.

Presence brought that stops the stones.

This is hopeless, it makes no sense! Violence never will still its voice!


We must arise! We must clear the streets  —of those who are so distinctly OTHER!!



So love is exiled to the back room, while important matters change.

We all believe in love, dear.                           It’s just best to wait for a better day!



still I cannot help it, still I cannot stop the need.

I must get up and reach my hand out, I must still whisper, I see your need!

Shouting never can bring hope – the world needs whispers!

So I quietly walk and look,

 into the eyes that still are shouting,

speaking whispers- wandering lonely -with my eyes so full of tears.

Author – Bill Tidsbury

Fears beguiling ways

Fear is a monster.

It lives in blood and grime.

Yet, sweetly prances down the street,

beguiling, saying- “I’m delicate concern!”


Fear eats its victims.

It’s hunger, powerful and raw.

It blithely hides its ravenous ways

beneath it’s victim’s terrifying shame.


Lies seem to partner,

with wise discretion’s grace.

Suggesting fear is reasonable,

considering my history with pain!


Love’s child is never fear.

A warrior born and raised.

It champions those who’re delicate,

then orchestrates my victory parade!


Life lived is freedom.

The joy of flight released.

It takes the risk to soar above,

and lifts a toast to courage found and dared.


Cheers! I won’t comply.

I will not draw in close.

I shun the smell of fear and shame,

when snarling phantoms crowd around and jeer.


So I call aloud,

a ringing cry to join,

a circle of transparent hearts

embracing me, as joy wells up in song.


Possible is near!

I welcome dreams and more.

I choose to turn fear on its head,

then dance with hope, as I begin to roar!

Author – Bill Tidsbury

Taste and see


His Grace

delights my soul.

Quietness stills my heart.

His hand provides for today.

I look, splendour fills the moment.

The future is unknown, needs clamour loudly.

His warmth envelopes my anxious thoughts

Pausing,      I rest.     He’s enough!

Goodness covers my life.

Taste   and    see!!

Moments savoured.


Author – Bill Tidsbury

Thinking about majesty

In speaking with people who ache, I find that majesty is part of the dream of their wounded hearts!

It resonates deeply with dreams and possibilities.

Words are curious. We use them, but so often leave them hazy and vague. We agree that we have common understanding but don’t actually do the work to intimately connect across our universes of divergent experience.

What is majesty?

As I reflect on my impressions of majesty, one thing I have sensed is vastness and the reality of imponderables! I just find it hard to encapsulate  in words!. My impression is that majesty doesn’t move at a fast pace – it has no hurry! It knows that there is no limit on the resources it has available! So it lavishes in spectacular ways when celebrating its abundance. Majesty also brings to mind things like honour, abundance, benevolence, authority, privilege and gracious grandeur and yet is so much more.

Yet, when I see it grasped after in our broken world – it actually produces something quite tawdry!  The act of reaching shines  a spotlight on our play as dusty orphans reaching up to something outside our capacity to touch without disintegration!

True majesty is something unbroken and  undefinable because it has no limits. Think about it -there can be no words in an environment where all things are limitless. Words communicate because of boundaries.


What is – what is not.

What would speech be like if each fragment were a never ending , ever changing movie? Each portion would be a kaleidoscope of shifting meaning in an expanding universe! I could never know the meaning until the end. Is this a hero or anti-hero? Do they live or die. Is it grand or tragic? I need endings!

So the challenge for me – is that I have to have an ending in order to be able to assign meaning! I’m finite! To grasp content and provide definition, I need to freeze frame limitless realities – and in so doing, ultimately change them forever! This is the challenge of any interface with eternity!

Yet, I have a dream of majesty, and I need eternity to comprehend it!

Author – Bill Tidsbury

Walking gently

Human tragedy grips my heart,

forlorn wastelands full of dust,

yet if I pause, I catch a glimpse,

off in the distance, the coming showers!


How can rain fall all around me?

How can hearts not sense the sound?

Mist and freshness in the air,

yet hope lies tattered while no one dares!


Hope looks up seeing rain’s near promise,

Life arises when beams hit rain.

Glorious rainbows sing their anthems,

if my eye can break its hold on loss.


Faces lifted, see each other,

laughter’s sound is so intimate!

Eyes that greet each other warmly,

Bring sparkling transformation early.


Storm and trouble bring the rain near,

My heart shifted though feeling pain.

Surging upwards beyond the darkness,

I drop my burden and dance with grace!


Eternity’s face turns towards me.

Distance exists within the mind.

Gentleness is a bubbling spring,

When I soar, uplifted by your wings.


Human tragedy grips my heart.

Flowing water gushes round about.

Transformation’s joy appears,

as I walk gently with you so near.

Author – Bill Tidsbury

Finding your Beloved

Spirituality is really a journey towards finding your Beloved!!

Love can’t be bought!

This is a self evident truth for most of us. Yet, so often we try and figure out the price for someone’s love.

Need satisfaction can be bought.

It in fact will often go to the highest bidder.

However, love does not respond to being purchased. When love is exchanged for transaction, something in my heart  in fact rebels and rises with hate towards the offer. It is fundamentally wrong – it breaks the beauty of this treasure called love.

If I can’t push someone into love, nor scare them into love, then if I genuinely want to help a friend find the joy of spirituality fulfilled, I must be a friend long enough and know them well enough, to myself love them too! I can then join them in the intriguing journey of meeting the one their hidden desires long for, the one who appears in their dreams, the one who whispers their name in the night, the one who captivates their imagination and accelerates all their senses, the one who invites them into a unique adventure – the fulfillment of life.

This is the mystery of love! This is the crazy journey of walking together down a path of exploring our inter-connected spirituality.

Spirituality sparkles when love is at the core!

Author – Bill Tidsbury