New Day

Frosty hills, set on fire,

new delight here freshly set,

purpose and laughter rising freely

life is grand!

Eyes are drawn to look beyond,

hills and light slide into view,

Heaven’s moment is always ready,

When eyes look up!

Quiet city, still in darkness,

People sleeping and unaware,

Above their heads, heaven has opened.

New day’s offering!

Clear blue brightness, full of promise,

sky’s great vastness , open to view.

Here I sit in wonder waiting,

for my love!

The promise of brilliance, sets my course,

Unshaken while all things shake,

Bright Hope surging, lights my mountains,

In You I live!

Friends and family, all together,

lift my heart to dance a jig

I am known, I am grounded,

Fire paves my way!